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Monday, March 7, 2016

Dresser Set Painted with Farrow & Ball.......

A new client contacted us for a dresser set she wanted custom
painted in a special paint with a specific color.
This could not be matched 100% to any other paint.
Which is why she wanted this particular brand.
With this paint, it's very tricky.  You can only use their
primer, so I couldn't use my usual primer with 
this particular paint.
Here is the before, forgot to take the picture of
the mirror.

Had a lot of ridges.....very rough.  We sanded it all down though.

This is the paint.

Primed it and then painted it all.  She wanted the color
Mahogany, which is a brown color with a slight red tint.

Next, added a polycrylic finish to it.

She wanted the handles in a brushed nickel.
So we stripped the hardware and custom
painted them.

Here is the mirror we did also.

She loved it!  Very satisfied client.

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