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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Blog Contact about some handles....

I get quite a few contacts via my blog.
I got one a couple of weeks ago
from Tracy.  She was from Minnesota!  
She found me online and seen the french basque dresser 
I did.  She seen I had replaced the handles 
and had the same dresser set just a smaller version.
Plus a chest. 

She was missing one large handle and 
asked if I had any left, which I did pictured below.
So she paid $14 and I shipped them to her.

Here is her dresser before...
missing handles...

Here it is with the original handles!

This was the smaller dresser like mine....

This is it after she painted it....

Both all finished and all matching!
She was so glad she found me!  I was glad I saved 
them and could help :)

I usually keep all my hardware and salvage all
my leftovers from all my furniture.
Good thing too as sometimes I need them also.


  1. Thanks so much Candy! The handle is perfect and I am lucky to have found you:)

  2. And I can vouch for my best friend Tracy that she was surprised to have found the exact handle she needed on your site! Her dressers turned out amazing! I like your work too! Happy day! Lori