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Friday, August 30, 2013

Shabby Chic with alittle Steampunk Vanity or Entry Table

I found this vanity, the mirror was a total loss, cracked and broken, so I replaced it with another mirror I had.  Rebuilt the back with some extra wood pieces I had and one even had that pretty design on it already.

It even had the original handles still!

Distressed everything,....heavy waxed the white parts.....

 Painted the doors and back pieces dark grey, painted the handles copper, even the mirror painted it copper to bring out the handles, then added some copper color to the wood decor.

Look at the hideaway in the right drawer.  We added a cover for it, it is a piece of a fan blade, so cool!

I just love this piece, it was supposed to be a quick one for us, but goodness it ended up being ALOT of work.  I guess that is why it looks so beautiful to me:)  I see a mixture of age along with some updated beauty.....

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