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Friday, August 18, 2017

French Distressed White Bassett Dresser....

Client had purchased the french chest &
nightstands set in the white distressed finish I had 
done and put up for sale a few weeks ago.
She wanted this french dresser we had in our inventory
in the same look.   I fit it in my schedule and worked
on it during the weekend.  
Here is the before below.

We stripped/sanded it all down and 
I primed it even though I was chalk
painting it.

This is our full time job, we custom paint pieces,
deliver them, sell as is pieces, repair all our pieces to full 
working order, strip them, prime them, take tons of close up pictures,
list them, post to my blog/Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest,
meet with clients online/in person, all in this ridiculous 
Texas weather.  Stripping takes along time. Each piece is 
different.  We do it ourselves as we trust no one else
to do it the way we do.  We hardly ever rest, but we do love it.
It's a lot of work, we do a lot of work, which is why our clients
wait in line for us.  I truly appreciate that.  I'm 
not too social on my online media pages, but 
I feel why do I need to I take enough pictures to 
show our work.  They speak for me, straight forward is what 
we're all about.  Can we do what the client wants?
Yes, if we can't then I'll tell them we can't, but most of the 
time we can and we do.  I know chalk paint says no prep
but that's not us.  We always prep.

After I primed it I chalk painted it all white.

Smooth chalk painted finish that we do.
We work really hard and go the extra mile for our finishes.
I mean just look at the pictures, it shows.
Our prices maybe somewhat higher than most,
but we've been doing this a long time.  Our quality 
of work is better than most out there I think.  I have clients
who come back to me from 2012 and want us to 
do more pieces for them.  I see the pieces we did for them
all those years ago and they look like we just painted them.

Ok, back to the piece... I distressed the edges.

Then we added a new wood back.

Painted handles white and distressed them also.

Waxed to perfection.

Looks beautiful! So pretty & dainty 💓 

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