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Monday, August 14, 2017

Soft Ivory French NIghtstands & Chest....

New client waiting patiently since May
for us to get to her order.  We're always booked 2 to 3 months
for custom orders.  These are her own pieces and part 1 
of her order.  Part 2 will be completed this week.
She wanted a soft ivory, with oil rubbed bronze hardware.
All done in a clean no distress or aged look.
Here are the befores below.

She wanted french hardware on the lingerie 
chest to go with the other furniture. 

I had these in my inventory that I sold her.
She picked from 3 sets I had in stock.  
I really love these!

We stripped/sanded them all down
and primed them all.

Sealed in the old handle holes on the chest.

Here they are all completed and painted
in soft ivory.

Our smooth latex finish.

Very grateful my clients wait for us to get to their order.
We take so much pride in our work, I don't 
give myself enough credit for the finishes I do.
I'm always checking and making sure I make them
look as perfect as I can.  I'm kinda hard on myself, but it works!

I don't get too many likes or comments on here or
Facebook/Instagram but, my custom order waiting list
& repeat clients/referrals are more than enough for me.
That shows that my work and durability is excellent, I think.

They came out so beautiful!!
Thank you Kristie!

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