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Monday, December 11, 2017

Italian Provincial Dresser Nightstand Set Painted in Antique White...

One of our clients wanted this italian provincial 
dresser and nightstand set with her big order..
She picked these from our inventory.
The next few posts will be a continued part of her order.
Here is the before pictures below.

She picked antique white by General Finishes milk paint.
Then sealed in high performance flat.
All done in a no brush stroke finish as always.

She wanted a clean finish.

She loved it!  I mean look at it who wouldn't!!
My family actually cause the horrible stomach virus
going around a week ago.  But we kept on 
working as soon as we 
started feeling better (which was a whole week later!!).  
We're bombarded with orders 
so we need to keep moving along.

Here it is in her home after we delivered it!!

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