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Monday, December 11, 2017

French Linen Half Dressers Set.....

Second half of the order for one of our clients.  The other part was the
italian provincial set in previous post.
This is she will be using as nightstands.
The one below she picked from our inventory.
The second on was hers.
Before pictures below.
They both needed major veneer repair as 
they're old like really old.
Inside where the drawers sat needed to be 
rebuilt on some so the drawers could go in 
and out easier.

We repaired everything cosmetic and structural.

Stripped down everything.

She sent me this pictured she found online and wanted me to 
do them both in this look.

I used annie sloan french linen and went to work on the

Antiqued and gold detailed in some areas.

Painted the hardware also.

Distressed areas.

My no brush stroke finish of course.
Love showing my close ups with the light shining on it.

We're both in love with them! 

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