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Monday, December 11, 2017

French Linen Mediterranean Dresser....

Couldn't wait to get my hands on this one.
Loved the detail on it, but since there was 
so much detail I went with a clean look.
I used a soft neutral color also.
Here is the before below.

I decided on french linen from annie sloan 
chalk paint.  I used it on a clients order 
(post right before this one).
Feel in love with the color.
It's a soft gray color....
I think it's a true gray with no blue undertones.
Maybe some brown but I'd rather 
take brown than blue undertones.
Especially for this dresser.

I didn't antique or distress it, I didn't think it
would mesh well with the details already on it.

Left hardware original.

I'm in love...but when am I not!

All in a no brush stroke finish.
Very smooth and sealed in a flat water based sealer.

Message if interested. 

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