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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Italian Provincial In Simply White...

New client picked this beautiful italian provincial
dresser from our inventory.  She placed her order back in august.
We're always booked so my turnaround time is mostly always
2-4 months.  Most of our clients that wait that long
have been looking for that professional smooth finish.
Which is why I guess they wait for us. Others are referrals from 
our other clients that have seen our pieces 
up close and see our work. We really appreciate all of them too.
She wanted this in a eggshell white to match the crib
and decor in her nursery.
Here is the before below.

After we sealed in all the scratches and dents because she
asked for that when she came to see it before placing her order.
We sanded, primed, and painted it.

Done in simply white by Benjamin Moore.

Shes going to add hardware later when she 
finds the perfect set.

We had a hard time trying to get that perfect sheen 
to match her nursery decor & crib.
BUT!  I tried something new and made it work.  
Sealed in a eggshell finish.

She really liked it!  Said it matched perfectly. 😅

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