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Monday, April 16, 2018

French Provincial Armiore, Dresser, Nightstand Set.....

New client contacted us, picked these out of our inventory.
The french armiore, dresser, and nightstands set.
I didn't have the dresser or nightstands set listed 
yet.  She resides in Austin, Tx and couldn't
make it out to view what I didn't have listed.
I took some pictures of what she described to me that she 
was searching for.
She for sure wanted this armiore.
I had two and both have sold already.

Here is the nightstands.

Then the dresser.

We stripped everything down.

After I primed everything, she picked the color butter cream.
It's a restoration hardware paint. 

She wanted a distressed edges look with 
dark bronze hardware.

My smooth flat finish is really outstanding.

She loved everything!  It looks amazing
doesn't it?

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