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Monday, March 17, 2014

Heather Grey Dresser Missing Drawer Made Into Dresser with Shelves

This dresser we had for quite some time now and didn't list it because it was missing a drawer.  We needed some room, so we decided to work on it.  It is a very nice piece of solid wood.  So we got started on it over the weekend....we took out the top drawer and used it for missing parts on the other drawers.

Completely took off the handles I just couldn't see them on this dresser they where hideous!  Then John repaired the cracks, took out the boards that where not needed, cut some wood for the shelves, sealed up the holes where the handles where, sanded it down....

Then I primed it with multiple times with primer....stained the top with different colors of stains...
customized a color and made a heather grey...

I wanted to show more wood than just on top so I stained the shelves also...

Painted the end of the shelf lip heather grey also so it wouldn't look seperated..

We where looking for some handles to go with it and couldn't find any, then we seen these towel racks,
that was it once we seen those the hunt was over!!!
They look awesome!

Here it is all finished!!!

I love how the wood parts accent the handles...

It's so beautiful :)  Wowzers, I love it!

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