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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Custom Painted Victorian Chair and Antique Vanity Desk.....

I have a awesome repeat customer who has 
just about furnished most of her home
with Piece Of Candy Furniture that 
we custom painted for her.
She had me paint her restroom cabinets for her 
also and said she wanted a 
dresser custom painted for her sons' room.
That will be posted in a couple of days.
Then she wanted the antique desk she seen in my inventory 
and wanted me to paint that for her.
Plus she wanted me to look for a girly chair
to go with it and added some fabric to it.

So this is the chair I found for her she loved it.

So we sanded it down...

then primed it....

then painted it the off white to match her 
previous dresser we furnished and custom 
painted for her....

added the fabric she picked out...

she also wanted it lightly distressed....

I am like totally in love with this chair!

Next we did the antique dressing vanity desk
here is the before picture....

stripped it down, it had 3 different colors on it!

Primed it....

then painted it with the off white color...

distressed it lightly...

Here they both are finished!
So gorgeous!

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