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Monday, November 7, 2016

Antique Executive Desk.......

Another one of our wonderful repeat clients came to us
and wanted to know if we had a executive desk. 
She sent me style from Restoration Hardware.  I had a beautiful 
one I knew she would love.  It needed tons of cosmetic work.
Here it is below.

We repaired all the cosmetic parts, sealed in all dents, scratches, 
and pit holes as she wanted a smooth flat finish.

Then sanded it all down.

Sealed in all the holes because, she wanted handles.
She sent me some she was going to order 
online, I then showed her some I had that were perfect 
for the look she wanted.  

I also suggested Restoration Hardware paint and she loved that
idea.  She picked the color Graphite from them.  I ordered 
it and when to work on it.  I primed the whole desk of course.
Then, I painted it with the restoration hardware paint.

I cleaned up the hardware.

Look at that awesome job John did.  You can't even see
that it was ever damaged.

Our smooth custom flat finish.

No brush strokes as we spray it with a high volume 
low pressure gun and our huge air compressor.

This is the back of the desk we also custom painted.

She loved it!  I do too, way cheaper than the actual
Restoration Hardware desks.  Plus, it's antique and 
100% solid wood.

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