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Monday, June 11, 2018

Nightstands Turned Into Record Player Stand....

A client wanted us to custom paint these in a 
matte black for her salon.
Here is the before below.

7 layers of 3 different primers and 4 different 
latex paints.

Inside drawers where spray painted.

Even the back was painted.

So we stripped them and it took a month.
We worked on them why doing other orders.

The stripper took a whole day to get thru the layers.
Some of the veneer had warped and chipped off.
Whoever painted it before painted right over all that.
Didn't even repair it so we had to repair that 
once we stripped it.  John was not happy.

So, client then messaged and said 
what about making it into a vanity 
again because that's what
they once where.
So we did.
Here it is painted in general finishes
lamp black. 
Then sealed in a flat sealer.

Added a shelf to make the vanity.

Added new knobs.

Painted the inside drawers.

Then we delivered it and she said ..
this may work perfect under my kitchen bar.
She had speakers there with here record player
and sound system on the floor.
She just moved in her new home and was looking for a 
record player stand.
John and her got to talking about ideas to add 2 more shelves
to the vanity.
So we came back 2 days later installed them
and here it is all completed!

She loved it!  She was so happy!  
It looks so cool 💖

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