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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Red and White Dining Table Set With Bench....

Well to start off, we had this table for 
along time.  It is a really awesome table.  I love the 
detailed legs and the pull out side leaves on each side.
This piece I actually did all on my own.
Absolutely no help from my partner/husband.
He is working on a huge custom order at the moment.
Anyways, I always see all his techniques in repairing and sanding .
So I used all of them on this one.
Here is was before,

I sanded it and stained it
with 3 different colors of stain.
Then added 3 coats of poly.

Stripped the bottom part of the table completely....
then primed and painted it white....

Sanded down the chairs and painted them red...
love how you can still see all the 
dark wood! 

Now the bench my husband/partner did put that together.
Some things I just don't want to do or even learn to do!

We had 2 Jenny Lind spindle twin bed whole
frame sets.  One was complete and the other was not,
plus it was missing some spindles.
This is how it looked just minus some spindles, slats,
and rails.

Here is the awesome bench he made!
I love it so much!!!

Sanded it down and painted it red also.
It has the same technique with the
 wood showing threw the red paint.

I just love this set!

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