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Friday, November 20, 2015

Custom Painted Dresser & Cabinet For Interior Designer.......

So we are finally completed with Stephanie's 
order on the pieces she had us custom paint for her.  
If you read my other post last month,
on the interior designer "Stephanie Ruckert" you can
view the other pieces we did for her..
She is remodeling her whole house in The Woodlands, Tx,
to show her different styles in designing homes.

This picture below was a french dresser with peeling
veneer.  This took almost a month to repair.
We had to glue each layer of veneer back on, smooth
it out, then repaired the rest that was missing.
Stripped it all down.....primed it....

She wanted it out of the can white, 
with gray detail and hardware,...

Fully completed, a whole lotta work, but it came out fantastic!

Next, was a cabinet she had wanted it painted a 
certain color of blue, with gold detail rubbed 
over the popped out parts on the sides
and the drawers.....
So we sanded it down and primed it....

Painted it her blue she picked out,,, 
she also picked out these handles....

did the gold detail.....

Here it is all done!  Super Gorgeous!

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