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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Antique Dining Set Table Chairs China Cabinet Buffet Old White Antiqued.....

This set was for repeat clients who loved our work on some dressers
we custom painted in my own design that they purchased 
from us.  They asked if we could paint this beautiful 
antique set that was one of the clients grandmothers.  It was passed
down to him and he was waiting for the right person to 
paint it.  I was very honored and pleased he chose me to do the
custom paint job :)  He loved my previous work so much that we 
had done for them and my  previous work they seen on my blog and facebook,
We picked it all up and delivered it all.  It took me about three weeks to complete.
Although, we had the pieces for 2 weeks before till I could get to them.  
We've been extremely busy this year and we feel very blessed.
The look they wanted was an old white antiqued look with 
slight distress, refinished table top, buffet top, and back board of the
china cabinet.  Then the inside buffet and china cabinet bottom darken 
with the same color of stain for what we did on the tops of those pieces.

 Here is the before on the buffet, 

Stripped the top.

Then I stained and sealed the top of the buffet
and did my paint job on the bottom body of the buffet.

Next was the china cabinet, before below.

Refinished the back with some new stain and
sealed it.  Then did the paint job on the rest.

Hardware kept original.

This table was huge with leaves that slide under.
Here is the before below.

Stripped the table top and leaves.

This is the bottom of the table.

All 6 chairs before.

Painted the bottom table legs.

Refinished the table tops and sealed them all.

Then painted all the chairs.

They loved it so much, I was very pleased with the outcome also!
It was a tremendous amount of work but well worth it!
Like I said before we feel so honored when clients choose
us to custom paint their family heirlooms :))

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