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Monday, February 20, 2017

Mid Century Modern Two Tone Dresser...

New client found us on Craigslist in last month and also 
found this dresser on Craigslist.  She bought the dresser
and dropped it off with us to paint it.
She's also leaving us 2 more mcm dressers that were hers
and wants us to custom paint those too.
Those will be in a later post (working on them now).
Below is the before of the mcm dresser she found.

She wanted all the dents and scratches filled in
for a smooth clean look.

She also wanted a new wood back as the current one was 
beat up and cardboard.

So we stripped it...removed the back cardboard.

Filled in all the dents and scratches. 

Then I primed the body and painted it white which
is what she wanted.  She wanted a two tone look.
White body with stained drawers.
She wanted the stain in a certain color...
not too red and not too black.
More brown.

We stripped the drawers down and I forgot to 
take a picture of them stripped.  I was short on time.
I will with the next mcm dresser she wants us to do.
That will be in my next post.

She loved it and we did too!

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