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Monday, February 27, 2017

Mid Century Modern Dresser.......

Our new client who we did the mid century dresser 
in the previous post had this dresser from her childhood.
She wanted the same two tone color as the previous dresser 
we did for her.  White body with refinished drawers.
Before pictured below.

We had to repair one of the legs as pictured you can see 
it's broken apart.  So we had to take the legs and braces off 
of all four legs to reinforce them all.

We sanded it all down.

Sealed in all the cracks, missing veneer, and scratches.
She wanted a smooth look.

Sanded the drawers and removed the wood decor pieces.

Then I primed and painted the body white
stained the drawers then sealed them with poly.

She loved it!

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