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Friday, February 10, 2017

Antique Bookshelf/Dresser......

One of our repeat clients wanted to see if we had
any bookshelves for her sons room.
So I showed her this unique old antique shelf
with drawers that we had.  It just needed two shelves.
The before pictures are below.

The bottom veneer was chipped and the foot was completely 
chipped half off.

She wanted to keep the look of the wood just freshened up
and repaired on the chipped parts.
So we repaired all the cosmetic major parts.
As you can see here John repaired the foot to 

I stained and sealed the whole piece.

Added and painted the new knobs.

Here's the foot that was chipped off...
John did a excellent job.

We cut some shelves and I custom matched it.

She absolutely loved it!

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