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Monday, October 16, 2017

Silver Antique Dining Table...

Past client that purchased a painted white dresser from 
us which we delivered to Austin for them. 
She seen my blog loved my work,
asked if we could repair & repaint their large 
antique dining table.
Here is the before below.
The table was so large that it sagged
in the middle.  The leaves it had where only meant to 
be in for a short time then taken out.
Although, she wanted them in forever.
John repaired that part.
Before below.

It had 7 layers of different paint under it.
When it was 1st painted it wasn't stripped.
So, the original paint, plus the what they painted over it with
black paint the silver paint then glazes...
you get the picture.

We stripped it which took about 2 to 3 days.
It was messy.

Primed it.

She previously wanted silver with champagne
detail.  I used modern masters metallic paint 
in silver & champagne.
I did one leg and showed her the picture.

She didn't like it, I thought it looked good.  
It wasn't what she pictured so she went with all silver.

Here it is all silver.

The repair John did to stabilize the middle part of the 
table.  Very sturdy now.

Sealed in a water based semi gloss sealer
for protection.

Looks so amazing!!  Matches really well with her decor.

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