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Monday, October 2, 2017

Raw Natural Look French Dresser....

This is the before below on a french dresser made by Davis Furniture Co.  
I was initially going to paint it but because we strip 
most of our pieces before we paint them.
But once it was stripped and sanded down I just couldn't paint
it.  The wood was to beautiful.  It wasn't a veneer overlay 
either.  This was solid carved wood.  I did replace that hideous hardware though. 

Stripped and sealed in the old handle holes.

I didn't stain it, just sealed it with a water based sealer.

Painted the hardware iron steel which is a matte 
slightly dark gray with some metallic in it.

This piece was sold a few days ago.
.  I finished it at the beginning of 
last month, but didn't have time to post on my blog.  

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