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Thursday, November 2, 2017

French Provincial White Dresser, Tall Boy Chest, Nightstands Set...

My clients are extremely patient.  They wait months 
in line for us to get to their orders.  We tell 
them ahead of time that so they know.  
Most wait, about a handful don't they move on 
to someone else that doesn't have a wait time.
Since 2012 we've been blessed and booked straight.  
I'm usually booked for 2-3 months in advance.
But, it takes time to strip the pieces, repair, and 
then prime, paint, seal.  The prepping takes the longest.
Clients love my blog with all my close up pictures and 
then when they see the pieces we did for them once completed?
They are impressed with how beautiful our finish is.
Smooth flat thin professional finish.  Then they 
come back to us saying they love our pieces so much
they still look like new after years of use
and want us
to paint their own pieces or more of ours form our inventory.
That's how I know we're doing a fantastic job with 
how we paint our furniture.  

New client found us on Facebook and picked this
matching french  provincial set, then she added the nightstands
we had listed in our inventory a month ago.
Here they are before below.

Stripped them.

Per her request we 
filled in all the scratches and dents because 
she wanted a clean smooth finish.

See it takes some time to strip it.

Then here they are primed.

She wanted them in a basic white by Benjamin Moore.

Hardware she wanted silver.

My smooth flat finish.

They look so beautiful!
I love!

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