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Saturday, November 18, 2017

French Executive Gray Desk...

One of our previous clients home was flooded 
during Harvey.  We had done a few pieces for her 
last year and they where destroyed. 
Here is the desk we had previously furnished & custom
painted for her last year that was destroyed. 

So we both searched and she found this one below.
I went to pick it up for her and she waited patiently till 
I could get to her order.  She wanted it the same color 
as the previous one I did.



Painted in Restoration Hardware Graphite.

Done in a clean finish, then sealed in a matte

Hardware kept in original condition.

Looks beautiful!  Even though her pieces where destroyed
by mother nature, they can be replaced.  So thankful her family and herself 
made it out safely 💗
Next post will be the dresser that we furnished
and custom painted for her, as her other dresser was destroyed.

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