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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Graphite Buffet....

New client found me on Facebook.  She wanted to know if I had
any buffets in my inventory.  I did this one below.

She asked if i could paint it like the one 
shown below on the right .

I said yes and it looked like 
annie sloan graphite with no dark wax.
She asked if it would have any brush strokes or thick 
paint strokes.  I said no, have you seen my blog?
I gave her the link to my blog plus showed her my close up pictures.
Supposedly, she purchased a few pieces from some
(I'd rather not name)  furniture consignment places where
people sell their painted pieces at.  Two different places here in the Houston area.
Houston is a rather big city, so we have lots of different small 
areas called Humble, Atascosita, Kingwood, Crosby, Katy, Deer Park, Rosenberg,
Pearland, Fresno, Magnolia, Tomball, Richmond, and so on.
She said that the pieces where heavy brush strokes one way more than the other.
I told her no with my finish you DO NOT see any brush strokes
or the finish isn't thick, clumpy, sticky, doesn't peel or chip.
So, she came and put down her deposit and seen some of my work there.
She was lucky I had pieces to show usually I don't.
They go pretty quick.
Then again she seen my blog as you are doing now 😏

Painted the buffet in graphite by annie sloan chalk paint.

I refinished the top in dark walnut.

Added new hardware to make it all look complete.

She wanted to keep the mirror old looking.
I thought it looked nice and showed the age.

Refinished the inside some.

Then sealed it all in a flat water based finish.

Here it is!  Love!!
She did also, when we delivered it she ran her hand over it
and said "Oh my so smooth and beautiful!  No wonder your
booked for months & clients keep coming back to you!"
Love to hear how happy people are with our finish 💖
By the way I asked if I could see those pieces she had gotten before 
from those other places here in the Houston area...
WOW!  she was't lying.  She had purchased online and didn't go see
it in person nor did they have close up pictures of it online.
But, then again some people like the brush stroke finishes,
not sure on the thick caked up finishes though 😕
Now, I understand some who paint pieces for themselves to put in
their home to save money, but to sell them for hundreds?  I couldn't do that.
But, that's just me.

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