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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Info on our painting process, just so you know what you are getting with us.......

For all the furniture we custom paint, we do numerous steps to get our furniture to look like it does. A flat smooth finish, meaning no sanding swirls marks, no drips, even coverage, and no thick layers of paint. We do not use shortcuts or try to do it the easy way. Doing it right is always a lot of work but, we do it anyway. 
Our custom painted furniture takes 1-2 weeks to complete and cannot be done within a few days. During this process is a lot of dry time with glue, putty, and paint. Then more time is sanding the old finish off this is a very time consuming and messy process. 
On all our pieces we use a hvlp spray gun with primers and paints.  If the client asked for a polycrylic finish we spray that with the hvlp gun also. No hand painting.  First, we repair any piece that needs it, so it can be sturdy and last a long time. Second, we strip them down, meaning taking mostly if not all the current finish off. This makes it more durable and long lasting. Third, we prime the piece and sand it again to smooth it out. Sometimes, the piece isn't primed if the client wants to show the wood and not the primer, so we seal the wood. Fourth, we paint it with Benjamin Moore latex paint and sand it to smooth it out again. Last, it doesn't really need it but for added protection we add the wax or polycrylic. We've been doing this for almost 6 years and we love when our clients give us referrals. This is how we know our process works. 
View my posts and you can see the steps we take.  From the before to the after pictures.  We may do a lot of work, but it gets the job done for a lasting piece.  No matter what paint we use, latex, milk paint, or chalk paint we still do the above steps.  I figure most everyone that is paying for a custom painted piece wants it to look professionally custom painted and last. 
-Candy DeFoe
Piece Of Candy Furniture

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