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Thursday, December 15, 2016

White Curio Stand and Farmhouse Chest....

One of our regular repeat clients wanted us to paint 
this curio cabinet and farmhouse chest all white with
no distress. She wanted all the texture to stay the 
same if possible.  It was painted in provence chalk paint at one time.
Then with a crackle look.

We sanded it down and teal was everywhere...
the texture came off in most areas.

I primed them all white.  Then painted them all white.

We added some rustic hinges to the chest, it made the door
more sturdy.

Took all hardware off and stripped that and painted them all.

Took the glass and rubber out also to paint in every crack, 
She wanted to see no more blue.

Couldn't get the blue off of some of the rubber though, we tried.

Looks beautiful and she loved them.

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