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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Cream Antiqued French Vanity.....

A new client contacted me in February and wanted 
her antique vanity painted to match the old style henry link
dressers.  We decided on cream from annie sloan.
The vanity needed repair also.  It was weak on the legs and 
loose, some detail was chipped on the tip of the mirror decor,
and she wanted the holes on the top sealed in.
I have a big waiting list and we just got to it last week 
and she waited very patiently (as all my clients do) 😊
Here is the before below.

She said it was primed already, we had to strip the top though to 
seal in the holes then we smoothed out the rest of the vanity.

Here it is after I painted and antiqued it.

Our smooth finish.

She loved it, I think it came out really beautiful!!

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