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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Antiqued Dark Grey French Dresser...

I found this piece last July 2016 in a store all beat up and needed
 lots of repair.  We always had custom paint orders for clients,
so we couldn't get to it on the repair part then.  John 
worked on it here and there till it was fully stripped, repaired,
and ready for me to paint it in my own design.
Here are the befores below...

Missing chipped veneer and very worn in many areas.

Both feet where chipped off and missing.

Hardware was filthy.  Top was badly worn.

Last Nov-Dec 2016 I was squeezing in pieces of my 
own color design and putting them up for sale.
Which I rarely have time to do (lots of orders).  
I had a new client contact me that had been following me 
for years and actually seen my work from her friend 
( one of our clients)
that we did custom painted work for on many pieces.

So, she contacted me and wanted to know what I'd be or if
I'd be working on any pieces in my own design soon.
I showed her this one and colors (designs) I was thinking about.
I told her the price I'd be listing it at and she said 
she was very interested, although I told her it would be some time
till I could get to it as I was really booked tight.
She said no problem she would wait she understands.

She was so patient!  It took us about 2 1/2 almost 3 months 
till I could get to it.  I still have custom orders but I had some room to 
squeeze it in while John repaired/prepped other orders for me till I 
can get to them.
After John had finally repaired and stripped it I went to painting it.

Dark grey and antiqued.

He repaired both feet as we do with all our french feet.
I mean why would you not.  I think there was only one french dresser 
we did years back with clipped off feet.  Never again, it 
looks better with the whole foot.  Right?
I think so, but then I'm a perfectionist 😏

We cleaned up these beautiful handles.  No painting at all
on these beauties.

I love it and she did too!  😊😍
Well worth the wait!!

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