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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Destroyed French Dresser Made Beautiful Again....

We found this old antique french dresser at a resale
shop back in October of 2016.  I loved the look of it
and knew once we got our hands on it the beauty would show,
So, we worked on our custom clients orders and John
repaired it here and there on the side.  
Here are some photos below of all the damage.

It was missing a middle handle and knob.  I had the 
exact ones in my inventory.

One of the middle feet was clipped off and missing.
Missing slides on drawers.

Veneer missing and pulling off throughout the whole piece.

That is solid wood decor on the drawers not plastic.

Middle cabinet door was damaged.

We repaired all the missing veneer & drawer slides, made another foot,
stripped it all down.  Then I primed it.

Shaped all the repair nice and smooth with no pit holes.

The dresser had factory paint and another
 layer of some oil base paint over it.

Added a new wood back.

Then after priming it, I painted it all white from
Benjamin Moore. 

Slight distress on edges.  Left some dents in to go 
with the look of the older piece.

Painted hardware in a soft iron color.

This is the foot we repaired.  Remember it
was completely clipped off and missing.

Paint applied in our smooth flat finish. 

Painted the hinges and fencing in the 
soft iron color also.

Cabinet door all repaired.

Deep bottom drawers.

It looks so beautiful!  Currently available for purchase.  
Message for info and pricing.

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