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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

MCM Two Toned White Dresser...

Got this early mid century modern dresser
from a goodwill.  I loved the look of it.  
I knew exactly how I was going to paint it.
Here is the before below.

Repaired all the loose veneer as these older 
mid century pieces have.  They layered veneer
over each other so most all of them I have 
encountered are all solid wood as is this one.
Early mid century pieces are from the mid to late 40s.
Some early 50s.
This is made by Harmony House.
I painted the shell and right drawers 
in a semi gloss white.

Stained the left drawers in dark walnut.

Sealed the stained drawers in a semi gloss sealer.
Then painted the hardware gold.


Priced at $330
Cash only, message if interested.
Delivery available for an additional $20.

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