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Friday, May 20, 2016

Desks painted white.......

One of our previous clients loved our work so 
much, she put in a 3rd order for us to custom paint!
These are her kids desks,  She wanted them painted 
white and one of them white with stained top.
Here is the before for one of the desk....
she wanted the handles off so she can add new ones.

sanded all down...

the slide out boards we had to remove to paint...

I primed it all then custom painted it a certain 
color of white she picked out.
That's the awesome thing with latex, 
you have a variety of colors to choose from.
You just have to prep it correctly before you lay the latex down.

Looks so clean and pretty!

Next, as this one below.  She wanted this white and a 
stained top.

here is the before...

sanded all down even the top....

primed it all except the top of course and then
painted it the same color of white from the desk above.

stained the top and added a polycrylic for protection...

So pretty!

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