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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mcm Ivory Dresser......

I couldn't resist when I saw this mcm dresser.  I had 
a few days in between our custom orders.  
I gave in and refinished it.
Here is the before below.
Missing handles and chipped in some areas.

Bubbled veneer.

Formica top.



We sanded all down.
Also took the formica top off because I wanted
a stained top.  So we bought a brand new wood top.

Filled in the old handle holes.

Filled in the dents and dings we could noticeably see.

Filled in chips.

Added metal bottoms as it had none.
Plus I wanted the metal to match the hardware. 

Filled in chips.

Filled in the rings where the old hardware was.

Then I primed it all.

Made new holes for the mcm handles I was putting on.

Painted the handles silver.

Painted the body a Ivory from a custom mix
of Benjamin Moore colors I had.

Added some glass knobs to the 3 top drawers.

Stained the new wood top we added to look like
a reclaimed wood.

Added a back splash to the top also.  Made it removeable
also.  Stained that to match the top.

Currently for sale.  I'm totally in love with this piece!

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