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Monday, April 23, 2018

Waterfall Art Deco Chest Refinished....

Client sold us this beautiful art deco 
chest to bring down her balance on a 
custom painted order she purchased from us.
Here is the before.

I didn't have the heart to paint over 
the beautiful drawers.  That veneer pattern
was too beautiful. So I stripped everything.

Painted the outside shell in mannequin cream
by benjamin moore.

Waxed the hardware in a bronze gold.
Stained the drawers in a custom mix I made.
Then stained the long wood hardware in
 a dark brown stain.

Sealed the drawers in a semi gloss sheen.
Wax sealed the body paint was in a semi gloss

Currently available message if interested.
Priced at $330, delivery available for an 
additional $20.

Phenix Art Deco Dresser....

Had this very rare Phenix Furniture art deco 
dresser for 2 1/2 years in my inventory.
So since it hadn't sold i decided to paint it in 
my own design.  This is very well made and has the thickest
veneer I've ever encountered.  It needed extensive repair.
The inside shelves where the drawers slide out on
have some very rare roller balls that help
the drawers just slide out like butter.  Plus the drawer
 slides are super rare also, we've never seen them before.
John had to make one as one was missing out of some metal.
He did a fantastic job. So, Phenix makes very good quality furniture. 
Here is the before below.

Repaired and sanded down everything.
Primed it, then painted it in mannequin cream
by benjamin moore.  

Added new hardware and painted it gold.

Done in a semi gloss finish.

I had to leave this beautiful veneer part alone.
Each piece was cut to make it look like that.
Look at that detail!  It was just too beautiful.
Plus I wanted to leave something original.

I think it brings the piece out some.  
Everything goes really well with the cream, gold,
and wood tone.

I really love how this came out.  It was a beast to 
get done but we did it pretty quick as we worked together on it.
Currently available, message if interested.
Priced at $415, delivery available for an
additional fee of $20.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Simply White Dresser Chest Set....

I got these online sometime last year..
Before pictures below...

I removed the old hardware it was hideous and 
some where broken/missing.

Forgot to take one of the dresser,
remembered and this is all I could get.

I sanded them down stripped the tops
and primed then painted then 
in benjamin moore simply white.

It's a very nice neutral white.
Sealed tops in a darker brown stain.

The stain took the raw wood nicely.

Distressed some.

Added new hardware.

Painted the hardware black.

Sealed everything even the top in 
a flat sheen sealer.

Here is the dresser done in the same 
paint/sheen/sealer/ to match.

Both made by Dixie.

Chest priced at $290

Dresser priced at $385

These are currently available, message if interested.
You can purchase chest and dresser as a set for $645.
Delivery available for additional $20.