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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Whitewashed Mediterranean Dresser....

One of our many clients that fell in love with 
our painted finishes for furniture who has 
purchased so many pieces from us already 💗💗
Picked this beautiful mediterranean dresser from
our inventory along with that italian provincial set
and side dressers in previous posts.
So now we're completely finished with her order! 😅
Here is the before, it had a broken handles so 
I had to replace the pulls with some I had in my 
inventory that she liked.
I fell in love with this one when I seen it!  
Had to have it in my inventory. 

She wanted a whitewash look, so we stripped it all down.

Then I went to work on whitewashing and
my goodness this finish when done correctly..
takes FOREVER!
But I keep going till I was satisfied.
One of my clients told me once if the artist is happy 
(me 💗😊) then they're happy.  
Because usually it takes some time on 
certain finishes I do that I take longer on an order than expected.
I tell them I just keep going till I'm satisfied with the 
finish I've done.
I can most of the time read my clients thoughts pretty well when asked
to do a certain finish.  I also help them along the way with 
deciding and certain ideas I think will work better
for the look they want.

With this one I'm so in love with it...
but then again I always say that!
But I mean it every time.

The finish goes really well with this piece.
Totally different from the usual clean looks I do.

My client loved it and all the other pieces I've done for her 💖💖

Monday, December 11, 2017

French Linen Mediterranean Dresser....

Couldn't wait to get my hands on this one.
Loved the detail on it, but since there was 
so much detail I went with a clean look.
I used a soft neutral color also.
Here is the before below.

I decided on french linen from annie sloan 
chalk paint.  I used it on a clients order 
(post right before this one).
Feel in love with the color.
It's a soft gray color....
I think it's a true gray with no blue undertones.
Maybe some brown but I'd rather 
take brown than blue undertones.
Especially for this dresser.

I didn't antique or distress it, I didn't think it
would mesh well with the details already on it.

Left hardware original.

I'm in love...but when am I not!

All in a no brush stroke finish.
Very smooth and sealed in a flat water based sealer.

Message if interested. 

French Linen Half Dressers Set.....

Second half of the order for one of our clients.  The other part was the
italian provincial set in previous post.
This is she will be using as nightstands.
The one below she picked from our inventory.
The second on was hers.
Before pictures below.
They both needed major veneer repair as 
they're old like really old.
Inside where the drawers sat needed to be 
rebuilt on some so the drawers could go in 
and out easier.

We repaired everything cosmetic and structural.

Stripped down everything.

She sent me this pictured she found online and wanted me to 
do them both in this look.

I used annie sloan french linen and went to work on the

Antiqued and gold detailed in some areas.

Painted the hardware also.

Distressed areas.

My no brush stroke finish of course.
Love showing my close ups with the light shining on it.

We're both in love with them!