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Friday, December 23, 2016

Stormy Blue Duncan Phyfe Dresser.......

I had this beautiful duncan phyfe dresser for about 
3 months in my inventory not listed as available.
I have quite a few like that in my inventory that are
not listed.  Some need repair and some need stripping.
This particular one needed some repair.  
After John repaired it I just went ahead and painted it 
in my own color design.

I went for a stormy blue color with some gray tints
in it.  I custom made this color from annie sloan
chalk paint.

Aged it but didn't distress it.  I didn't think the look 
I was going for would look good distressed.  

My smooth flat finish.

I also painted and aged the hardware.

Loving this piece.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Redesigned Updated Dresser.....

A new client found us online in a group on facebook.
She loved our work and my design for pieces I custom
paint and put up for sale.  
She fell in love with this dresser below I had painted and 
put up for sale last month.  It sold to another new client.

She had this dresser already that was her daughter's.

She wanted us to seal in the hole and make new ones
for the new hardware she bought.  So we sealed in the 
holes and added new ones.
Here is the picture I sent her after we finished 
that part.  I wanted to show her how it looked.  
She loved it.

Then we stripped the top to get all the damage from
years of use.  Nice and smooth.

She wanted me to paint it like the other dresser I had done above.
She loved the design so much.
So here it is all updated!

I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in a custom color 
I made.

She loved it!  

French Provincial Bedroom Set Painted All White.....

A new client found us online and wanted us to paint 
her french provincial furniture.  This set 
was her grandmother's and had been 
sitting in her garage for awhile.  She finally decided
to paint it and found us online to see if we could do the job.
She wanted all white with no distress or aging.  

This is the before of the headboard.

We sanded down each piece and stripped other parts.

This is the headboard set all primed and painted in white.

Mirror before.


Primed and painted all white.

Chair before.


Vanity chair before.


Nightstand before.


Nightstand primed and painted.

Side chair before.


Primed and painted.

Here is all the chairs and nightstand primed and painted.

Chest of drawers before.


Primed and painted.

Desk/vanity before.

Stripped.  One of the drawers is not pictured
as we were repairing it.

Primed and painted.

Her mother. husband, and herself loved them!