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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mid Century Furniture Shabby Chic White.......

Mid century modern dresser and nightstand was
picked form our inventory by new clients.
They were a referral from a previous client of ours.
  They wanted them with a light shabby chic white look.
Here is the before of the mcm dresser below.

Here it is below stripped down.

Below is a picture of it primed.

Then here come the pictures of it painted white 
and distressed for a slight shabby chic look.

They wanted the handles lept original.  

Love this look.

Next  is the mcm nightstand.
Below is the before.

Then stripped pictured below.

Next primed.

Then painted white and distressed lightly.
I aged this handle to match the 
dresser handles, because it was silver.

They both look awesome!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Black wicker ornate dining chair set....

A client who has been following us for years 
thru facebook contacted us about these
gorgeous chairs she found.
She took them to someone to repair all the wicker 
Then brought them to us to paint.
Here are the before pictures below 
with wicker replaced....

After we paint them she will be taking them to
get upholstered.

we stripped everything we could except
for the inner ornate arts...
those we sanded down....

I painted them all black and added 
polycrylic to all of them...

These came out so beautiful....can't wait to see them 
with the fabric!