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Friday, September 9, 2016

Teal Shabby Chic End Tables.......

I had a previous order with this color, so I pulled these 
from our inventory and painted these also along
with the order I was currently doing.
I loved these end tables and knew that teal 
color would look beautiful on these.

I used Annie Sloan chalk paint on these.

Aged them.

Very lightly distressed them also. 

Kept all original hardware exactly the same.

Left the insides alone.

I'm like totally in love with these!
These are currently available.

Refinished desk top...

This one was from another of our repeat clients.  
They had a desk that was damaged by a leather bible.

They wanted us to try and match the color as best as possible.

I think I got pretty close.  I had to get a good angle 
to show the true color.

This looks lighter because of the angle and flash.

Custom stained in numerous colors and coats.

Added a satin sealer.

We did excellent on this desk top I think!
That's where my perfectionist side comes in!!

Teal Aged Antique End Table...

One of our awesome repeat clients wanted us 
to custom paint this family heirloom end table they had.
Here is the before below.

We refinished the top in a mixture of stain colors,
then added a semi gloss sealer.

Did the same to the small top of the middle part.

Painted the rest in annie sloan provence
and aged it.

Did a very light distress, I mean very light.


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Midnight Navy Antique Headboard Set.....

Another of our previous clients came to us with 
this beautiful antique headboard set she found on 
a classifieds app.  She wanted us to paint it like
a vanity she had brought us to custom paint 
a few months back.  
Here is the before below.

We sanded all down.

Then painted it a midnight navy.

Distressed the edges.

Added some bronze gold to the ornate parts.
Just lightly brushed it.

Wow!  Looks really beautiful!