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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Old Renaissance Star Buffet that was Saved!

We found this piece, it was not taken care of as you can see.  It had a hutch but it was damaged beyond repair which was a shame.  So we kept the door off it that is what you see on top of the before picture.  We looked it up and it seems to be from the early 1900's it is a Renaissance Star Buffet.  It is solid wood very heavy, large dovetailed for the drawers.  

This is after....I painted it silver on the doors, drawer fronts, and the side panels.  Then painted the knobs copper.  These are the original knobs.  Then stained and waxed the outer shell.

Sanded it down, the doors on the bottom where nailed in and wrapped around to use as a hinge.  That is how it was made no hinges.  That was taken out as some doors where already fallen off.  So we added hinges.  

The sides are not doors they are glued and screwed in.

The bottom doors in front do open.  

I love it!  It came out just as I pictured it would:)


  1. Is this piece for sale?

    1. No, I'm sorry this one was sold already, didn't last long at all:)