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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Navy Blue Mediterranean Dresser.......

Well, here is a furnished and custom painted
piece we did for a client.
She had a tough decision on which piece
she wanted from our inventory.
She finally decided on this one :)

So this is how it was before.
Handles where tarnished a lot.
We stripped it all down,  primed it,
then I painted it with multiple coats of
the navy blue color she picked.
When my clients come to me I ask them to choose 
from the wide selection of colors
from the best 
paint that I love....

Polished the handles which where solid brass...
they polished very nice I think.

She wanted it in a high gloss also....

So we applied the high gloss.....

Love our flat finish!!!!

Painted the inside also.....

High glossed the inside also....

There it is all gorgeous and navy blue with polished handles
and a high gloss just like she wanted :)

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