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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Mediterranean Dresser Painted in Metallic Champagne & Gold....

This was a referral custom order.  One of our previous clients
loved my work on a dresser they purchased from us
and had us custom paint for them.  So, they referred me to their friend!

She showed me this picture and wanted me to match
the finish to the dresser she picked out from our inventory.
These are her nightstands,  I went over and looked at them 
in person at her house.
I just couldn't perfect that finish.  The colors and glaze/wax where 
everywhere on the color grid, along with a certain gold color I couldn't 

This is the dresser she picked out.....
so she asked what else I could do and 
I suggested a few combo ideas and 
she agreed on this one below!

we sanded it all down and added 4 feet that would
be similar to the nightstands....

Primed it all and painted it a mix of metallic colors
from Ralph Lauren and Modern Masters
for the body....

The mixture of the colors I did came 
out a champagne color....

Then I mixed some modern masters metallic golds to
come up with a perfect color 
of gold to detail it....

Stripped some of the hardware then added some gold 
in areas.....

Then, I aged it......

It came out perfect!  Matches well with her nightstands!

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