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Friday, February 26, 2016

French White Baby Blue Dresser..

One of our many wonderful repeat clients came to us
and picked another dresser we had
in our inventory.  Then she wanted us to custom paint it.

Here is the french provincial dresser she picked
from our inventory.  This is in it's factory finish pictured below.

We stripped it down to the bare wood,  this was a
very hard finish to get off.  Three thick layers, primer,
paint, glaze, and the sealer.  We take everything off, even the inner parts along
where the drawers sit...I've heard of people
using only soap and water or tsp to 
wipe off previous waxes.  Then they paint over that with primer.

We don't do that, we strip it down completely for our latex finish, 
no light sanding with a 220 sandpaper either.
It's hard work, but it's a durable finish.  That's why my clients come 
back to me.  Plus, it's a awesome finish at that. 
We do this with milk and sometimes chalk paint,
depending on the look we are asked to do.

Next,  we primed it, then painted
 it with our favorite latex paint.
Benjamin Moore. 

She wanted it distressed lightly on the edges...

I painted the inner surface of the drawers baby blue and distressed that some.

Handles left original....

That paint isn't going no where.  It was work just to distress
it, couldn't get to the wood the finish is so durable.
All my pieces I custom paint are like that though.

Just beautiful!

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