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Friday, January 13, 2017

Redesigned Dresser into a Aged Navy Look...

Well, since we had this mediterranean dresser for
a while I decided to paint it.  Although, while I was in the 
middle of added the feet a new client had contacted
me. She wanted the aged navy chest of drawers I had
did and was up for sale.  Then she wanted to know if I had
anything else in that color or similar color.  I didn't.
I told her I was in the middle of painting this one, 
I was currently adding some feet to it but, 
hadn't painted it yet.  
Here is the before below....

So, she asked if I could paint it in the navy look
like the chest she wanted.  I said yes of course!
She wanted the current hardware removed and 
replaced with the ones I added on the chest I had did 
that she was getting from me.

I sprayed it all in a custom navy I made with chalk paint.

Aged it with no distress.

Stripped the top before we painted it.
Repaired all the scratches and holes because that's
what she wanted on this one.

Painted the inside.

Sealed in all the holes from the previous hardware.
I added all the same hardware even to the middle
cabinet doors. It just looked so much better 
than knobs I was initially going to add.

Then, added the new hardware.

I love my finish!  It's a lot of work, but I don't mind.

She loved it!   I really love it!!!

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